Chant and Whispers

Symphonic Orchestra

-All PARTS are separate, but flute, oboes, clarinets, horns, trumpets, and trombones are combined in the score for spacing.


Flute 1
Flute 2
Oboe 1
Oboe 2
Clarinet in Bb 1
Clarinet in Bb 2
Contrabass Bassoon
Horn in F 1
Horn in F 2
Horn in F 3
Horn in F 4
Trumpet in C 1
Trumpet in C 2
Trombone 1
Trombone 2
Bass Trombone
3 Percussion
Violins 1
Violins 2


The morning is dark and eerie, the fog is beginning to set. The working people of Tokyo rise to the day, just as every day before them. Today was just like every normal day, except for one thing. Ancient evil has always been said to be lurking, and today is the day it is brought to life. Tides are different, but weather is normal. Boats seem to be hitting ground at sea out of nowhere, and waves start to rise. A great evil begins to rise from the sea. Today is the day, the day Godzilla finally rises from the deep to introduce himself to mankind and wreak havoc.

Ancient evil is a cliche that has stuck with Hollywood over the years, and the story of monsters like Godzilla are no different. An old evil always seems to rise and strike it’s horror upon mankind. Chant and Whispers tries to tell a cliche Hollywood story of an ancient evil rising from the darkness. It opens with a chant melody that mimics the old chants from the beginning of religious music, in our history. The texture hints at something dark to come, as low brass swells to and from the melody. A new melody using Eastern melodic scales takes over as the story of a cool early morning in Tokyo begins. Eventually, the theme of evil takes over in low strings and winds, but quietly. As the chant returns, it begins to build as we are finally introduced to the evil that the music has been hinting to. All havoc is released.

-Caleb Hammer
-March 21, 2017
-Age 22

uso reading session

-Western Michigan University