Event Horizon

-solo trombone, 4 percussion, piano, and set electronics.

program note

Event Horizon- a theoretical boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape.


Event Horizon is meant to represent the idea of “falling” towards a black hole. There is no escape for anything once reaching the event horizon, not even light can escape. Gravity crushes you, as well as forces pulling in every direction; turning anything, even a beautiful trombone, into something unrecognizable. It opens with a slow floating feeling, with slight motion in places to give the idea of moving toward certain doom. The piece builds, as electronics unfold and percussion starts to take the helm, the idea of being pulled in faster, and faster takes hold. As it ramps up, melodic figures start to peak their way into the piece from triplet figures in the percussion, to themes in the piano and trombone. It builds all the way to the end, pulling everyone past the point of no return, the event horizon.

This piece was premiered at the Second Composers Concert of the Fall Semester at WMU, Thursday, December 3 of 2015.

PREMIERE WITH trombonist, Omar hafid elmusa

-Western Michigan University School of Music