Fanfare for Life and Death


“Fanfare for Life and Death” came out of the idea of my biggest fear- death. It’s not so much a fear of myself dying, but a fear for those I love around me. Life drags on each day, and you realize life is getting shorter and shorter. Those around you may not be with you as long as you would like. This brings me intense fear, sadness, and anger whenever it crosses my mind. This fanfare is not like many other fanfares- this one is pure anger. Sure, it’s loud, as fanfares tend to be- but, this fanfare is angry, aggressive, and downright mean spirited. During the last minute and a half, it ends on a happier side. Because I know, even with my fear, that those around me have impacted my life in ways I will never forget. So because of this, they will never truly leave me.

Caleb Hammer, 21.

-Fanfare for Life and Death was completed on October 23, 2016

-Premiered October 31, 2016- Dalton Recital Hall, Western Michigan University School of music



Horn 1-4

Trumpet 1-3

Trombone 1-2

Bass Trombone



Percussion 1-2



-Western Michigan University Recital Hall