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My band works go for $75 a piece, however with this pack you get 3 pieces for the price of two!

Pieces Included:

Solar Flare

Grade 3

From a faraway perspective, the natural phenomena of the sun's solar flare is another spectacle to behold in the wonders of our solar system. Its presence on the sun's surface level is shockingly illuminating, a sheer feat in and of itself. However, within this beauty lies an even darker threat to our own planet's most technological advances: the coronal mass ejection, another natural phenomena prone to disrupt radio communications, damage satellites, and create large power outages for extended durations of time among other things.

"Solar Flare" encapsulates both the mystery of this dazzling aura with its powerful destructive capabilities. It begins with a sense of wonder - yet, it does not stay there for long. A persistent motive slowly creeps in and takes over, leading to a fast-paced game of survival against the awesome might of this beautiful, but dangerous, display.

Program note was written by Josh Trentadue

Solar Flare was completed on January 22, 2018

Age 22, Caleb Hammer

Industrial Funk

Grade 2

Industrial Funk was a mistake that turned into something wonderful after many nights of not being able to compose any good. The original idea was intended to be a work about the industrial might of the united states during the Industrial Revolution. After the first few sections of writing, I could tell it was going nowhere musically. One day in the middle of the night a funk motive popped in my head, and I thought it would be funny to see how it sounded over this “industrial” theme. To my surprise, this actually worked well and sounded very cool! From there I continued with this funky idea over the industrial groove, building motivic development, and creating a cohesive form. In the end, Industrial Funk was born.

Caleb Hammer- April 20, 2018


Grade 2

Beyond is a work that pushes forward and beyond. The idea came from the history of science and where we find ourselves today. From discovering fire, to putting a man on the moon. Humankind has always pushed forward. through good and bad, we have pushed to discover our place in the universe. Beyond was written with an image in mind- an image of a spaceship taking off and leaving our atmosphere. This image that we all have seen many times would have seemed impossible 200 years ago. It is amazing what we, the human race, has accomplished with our short time on this tiny rock in our solar system.