Grade 2.5-5 Concert Band Consortium 2018

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Ends September 1st, 2018!

Grade 3.5

Grade 5

Grade 2.5


We are excited to announce a new consortium for THREE new pieces - not one, not two, but THREE - composed by Caleb Hammer, Josh Trentadue, and Harrison J. Collins! The three composers met each other through the formation of the Millennium Composers Initiative, becoming fast friends throughout the process. Now, they are joining forces in this consortium to bring to the forefront new music for the concert band medium. Here’s how you can participate in this exciting opportunity:

What it costs:

$90 to buy in (view link below)- you DO NOT have to pay right now to sign up!

What you get:

Three brand new works for concert band, one from each composer.

-Trentadue: The Great River Rapid Chase (Grade 2.5)

-Hammer: Walking Through the Night (Grade 3.5)

-Collins: O rose of May (Grade 5)

-Your name/school/ensemble name in the score

-Skype sessions (or an other video chat program) with the composers for your group(s), if desired.

-Performance rights for an academic year (meaning only those who sign up for this can play it for a year, and the piece won't be publicly sold until after a year after- you have full performance rights forever)

-Being an awesome human being!

Why we are doing this:

We believe that every young performer in music ensembles should have the opportunity to be a part of the creation and performance of new music! Our buy-in price reflects this opportunity; although cheap in comparison to a typical consortium, we stress the idea of community and togetherness when it comes to programming and supporting new music, especially for music programs that often do not have the opportunity to participate in such endeavors.

Payment options:

Check or card is accepted. A link to buy in to the consortium can be found below. Score and parts will be delivered via email in a PDF format (ZIP) by no later than September 1st, 2018, the date which the consortium will close. Payments should be mailed or paid online by December 1st 2018. Contact Caleb directly at if you need to break up the payments in separate installments (2-3 payments) between now and December 1st.

If you want to join but do not want to pay now (or want a "payment plan"), fill out the form below!

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Walking Through the night

Grade 3.5

program note

Throughout the nights, months leading up to the creation of this work, my editing for commissions started going later and later in the early hours into the morning as I tried to finish up projects. One day I found myself up at 2 am on a weekday with the energy that most people have at noon on a normal day. Apparently, this was the new time for me to get work done and I felt truly alive and active when everyone else was sleeping. During this time I decided to write a new work about this time in my life.

The work follows three main sections: the first section is related to the night coming about and my energy still being full. the second section is about the world around me at night. At this time, nearly everyone else is asleep and everything feels truly silent, even as I lived on a busy street. The third and final section is about my mind coming out of that quiet place and living my life. I’d notice the quiet world around me, and then I’d make it loud and active in my own ways. This section is very similar to the first as it follows the same mindset of being alive in my world during the early hours of the day while everyone was at rest in their beds. Since then, my sleep schedule has thankfully reversed. But, it is fun to look back at being a night owl- that’s when I decided to write a piece about it.

o rose of may

Grade 5

program note

O rose of May is a musical response to Hamlet, the world famous and deeply influential play by William Shakespeare. The work focuses on the character arc of Ophelia, Hamlet’s would-be love interest, and her internal struggle amongst the external conflict of the play. In the play’s early stages, Ophelia is torn by her love for Hamlet- her brother, Laertes, and her father, Polonius, urge her not to pursue him further, and Hamlet himself begins acting strangely towards her. She is pushed further and further by Hamlet’s confusing and seemingly insane actions until he kills Polonius. Overcome with grief, Ophelia is driven mad, and in her last appearances in the play she is hysterical, singing songs and sharing flowers with other characters. Before it is announced that she has died (likely by suicide), Laertes sees her in this state and calls to her, saying:

“O rose of May, Dear maid, kind sister, sweet Ophelia! O heavens, is't possible a young maid’s wits Should be as mortal as an old man’s life?”

Represented by a solo clarinetist, Ophelia is depicted as singing a solitary, peaceful song in the opening of the work. After this introduction, an agitated melody takes over, representative of the conflict between the characters of the play. Ophelia’s song reappears- but every time it is more and more twisted. A brief respite suggests relief from the conflict, but the song is unable to begin again. It bends to the will of the conflict, the voices of the surrounding characters overpower her, and as Ophelia descends into madness, her song becomes a hysterical celebration. The final bars are a wild chromatic descent into the last note of the work- a reflection on Ophelia’s final moments, falling from her tree branch into the brook in which she drowns.

The Great River Rapid Chase

Grade 2.5

Program note

The Great River Rapid Chase - a fun, groovy, exciting, and adventurous journey for the concert band. Think of fish swimming upstream in fierce river currents - sometimes with them, sometimes against them. What sort of dangers - and predators - do they face?

About us

Right to left: Caleb-Josh-Harrison


Caleb Hammer:

Award winning composer Caleb Hammer was born in Kalamazoo Michigan on February 14, 1995. Caleb studied music composition at Western Michigan University with Dr. Richard Adams and Dr. Lisa R. Coons. He currently chairs as the Vice President of the WSCA. Always looking to take on new projects, Caleb is currently working on commissions with: Columbia University- (New York City, NY), Deer Path Middle School (Lake Forest, IL), Herbert Henry Dow High School (Midland, MI), Mariner High School (Cape Coral, FL), and Laville Junior-Senior High School (St. Joseph County, Indiana). Please feel free to contact to start any new projects!’

Josh Trentadue:

JOSH TRENTADUE (b. 1994) is a Michigan-born composer and a strong advocate of new music. He is inspired by an eclectic range of genres including rock-and-roll, jazz, film scores, and classical music. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music Composition from Michigan State University and has studied with David Biedenbender, Jere Hutcheson, and Zhou Tian. He is currently pursuing his Master's Degree in Film Scoring and Multimedia Composition at New York University and has studied with Ira Newborn and Irwin Fisch.

Trentadue's music has been premiered and performed across the midwest regions of the United States, including the 2017 PASIC convention in Indianapolis and the 2015 North American Saxophone Alliance convention in Illinois. In addition, he has also composed for electronic and visual media, beginning with his debut album Neon Revolution. Trentadue was a selected winner of both the 2015 and 2017 MSU Large Ensemble Composition Competitions and was given the opportunity to write several new works for the college's Campus Band and Concert Orchestra.

Trentadue is a member of ASCAP, the American Composers Forum, and the Percussive Arts Society. In addition, he is also a founding member of the Millennium Composers Initiative. In his spare time, he is an avid film/television admirer and enjoys the occasional video game.

Harrison J. Collins:

Harrison J. Collins (b. 1999) began composing at the young age of 14. Since then, he has had very little formal composition training, and is largely self-taught. His work for wind ensemble is published by Grand Mesa Music Publishers and C. Alan Publications. He is a winner of the Sam Houston State University’s Carson Thomas Miller Texas Emerging Composers Composition Competition, the National Young Composers Competition, and multiple Fifteen Minutes of Fame competitions held by Vox Novus, including one in which his minute-long piece Urgency! was selected for performance by the acclaimed West Point Band. Harrison lives in Little Elm, Texas where he frequently conducts and plays bassoon. When not doing these things, Harrison can be found writing, studying, or listening to music.