Himalayan Peaks

Concert Band

Grade 4 ca. 7 minutes

(Performed on May 24, 2018, by Central Davidson High School under the direction of Rodney K. Workman)

Program note

Of all the natural wonders that exist in the world, there is nothing quite like the unique majestic landscape of the Himalayan Mountains. Referred to by the Tibetans as "The Land of Snow," these beautiful summits are only partly covered by such weather at their peak, where the greatest views of the surrounding horizon can be beheld. Home as well to one of the tallest mountains, the famous Mount Everest, the journey up to the Himalayan peaks is treacherous at almost every corner, yet wondrous and rewarding every step of the way.

Caleb Hammer's "Himalayan Peaks" is this magnificent journey, from its soft and twinkling beginnings all the way to its epic conclusion. Shrouded in part by some mystery in a few moments, this work encapsulates the beauty of the Himalayan wintry landscape within the various unique colors and textures of the band, driving the adventure forward within its pentatonic nature and sweeping melodic material. Near its final steps, this even seems to conjure up the spirits of the mountains themselves, with its earth-shattering percussive entrance revealing the glorious surrounding landscape upon arriving to the mountaintop and why the Himalayas are truly one of the most breathtaking natural wonders of the world.

Program note written by Josh Trentadue

Himalayan Peaks was completed on January 7th, 2018

Age 22, Caleb Hammer



Flute 1

Flute 2

Oboe 1

Oboe 2

Clarinet in Bb 1

Clarinet in Bb 2

Clarinet in Bb 3

Bass Clarinet in Bb


Alto Saxophone 1

Alto Saxophone 2

Tenor Saxophone

Baritone Saxophone

Trumpet in Bb 1

Trumpet in Bb 2

Trumpet in Bb 3

Horn in F 1

Horn in F 2

Horn in F 3

Horn in F 4

Trombone 1

Trombone 2

Bass Trombone

Euphonium 1

Euphonium 2


Timpani (4 drums)

Bass Drum

Suspended Cymbal

Glockenspiel, Cymbals (crash-china-splash), Marimba, Wind Chimes

Marimba, Tam-Tam, Snare Drum

Vibraphone, Chimes, Cymbals (crash-china)


*Only need one of each percussion instrument even though some are listed in two parts