Holiday Delight

Concert Band

Grade 4, ca. 3:15

(The audio above is a MIDI realisation by NotePerformer)


program note

In my mind, there is no more enjoyable time of the year than the Holiday Season. I love the colors, joy, the family, and of course the food. My favorite song from this season is “O Holy Night”. Although arranging is not the focus of my composition career, I love this tune and I wanted to create a brand new work around the thematic ideas of this song (with a couple thematic calls to other classic holiday tunes). This is a quick and energetic piece celebrating the magic of the Holiday Season.

Caleb Hammer- May 14, 2018

Age- 23

Parts Included


Flute 1

Flute 2


Clarinet in Bb 1

Clarinet in Bb 2

Clarinet in Bb 3

Bass Clarinet in Bb


Alto Saxophone 1

Alto Saxophone 2

Tenor Saxophone

Baritone Saxophone


Trumpet in Bb 1

Trumpet in Bb 2

Trumpet in Bb 3

Horn in F 1

Horn in F 2

Horn in F 3

Horn in F 4

Trombone 1

Trombone 2

Bass Trombone




Suspended Cymbal

Tom Toms/Snare

Cymbals- Crash, Hi-Hat, Splash, China

Bass Drum