Industrial Funk

Concert Band

Prgram Note

Industrial Funk was a mistake that turned into something wonderful after many nights of not being able to compose any good. The original idea was intended to be a work about the industrial might of the united states during the Industrial Revolution. After the first few sections of writing, I could tell it was going nowhere musically. One day in the middle of the night a funk motive popped in my head, and I thought it would be funny to see how it sounded over this “industrial” theme. To my surprise, this actually worked well and sounded very cool! From there I continued with this funky idea over the industrial groove, building motivic development, and creating a cohesive form. In the end, Industrial Funk was born.

Caleb Hammer- April 20, 2018

Parts included

Flute 1

Flute 2


Clarinet in Bb 1

Clarinet in Bb 2

Bass Clarinet in Bb


Alto Saxophone 1

Alto Saxophone 2

Tenor Saxophone

Baritone Saxophone

Trumpet in Bb 1

Trumpet in Bb 2-3

Horn in F

Trombone 1

Trombone 2




Tom Toms

China, Crash, Splash Cymbals, Hi-Hat

Bass Drum

Snare Drum