Dedicated to Those who Served

Remembering Heroes

Fanfare for Brass and Percussion

Program note

Freedom is protected by those who serve, and those who serve are heroes. Heroes go down in history as people who have impacted and served this world in ways most of us may never achieve. After decades go by from the service done by a hero, their stories often become folklore. We celebrate them every day along the lines of comic book and cinematic superheroes, as we should. Without them the world would not be as we know it today. This work represents the heroic nature of those who have severed and the “superhero” nature we picture their stories. This fanfare was written in a way to resemble a modern day superhero soundtrack, representing the heroic nature of those who have served. It takes a simple motive and plays with it for two and a half minutes. It stretches it, melds it with colors, and plays with counter voices around it. Building to an epic conclusion, this fanfare shows the majestic and heroic nature of those who have served, those who we must always remember.


Caleb Hammer- July 15, 2017                                                                                                            


-Age 22



Trumpet in Bb 1

Trumpet in Bb 2

Trumpet in Bb 3

Trumpet in Bb 4

Horn in F 1

Horn in F 2

Horn in F 3

Horn in F 4

Trombone 1

Trombone 2

Bass Trombone

Euphonium 1

Euphonium 2

Tuba 1-2

2 Timpani

Crash Cymbal

Snare Drum

Bass Drum