Vegas Underground

Chamber Orchestra

Second place in the 2017 iMelody International Composition Contest!

Program Note

Las Vegas is a very interesting place, no other city in the world compares. Sleep by day, party by night. The city is always blooming with new faces as everyone want a taste. But, underneath the great times of vegas there can be dominant control over the entire city. This is often depicted in movies like “Casino” or “Ocean's Eleven”. Crime overlords of the city run Vegas with corruption and complete dominance. The filthy underground of vegas has been depicted loud and clear in many movies over the years, and that is exactly what Vegas Underground does, but this time in a musical setting. Whether or not the underground network of crime truly exists or controls the city, we may never know. One thing that’s clear is that it’s made for very entertaining stories over the years.

Caleb Hammer - April 1, 2017

-Age 22

Recording Session

-Western Michigan University